Frequently Asked Questions:

What does moxie mean?

Energy, Pep, / Courage, Determination / Know-How . The one word that encompasses the 7 labors of Hercules, Sisyphus and Odysseus. We work hard, the smart way to move you the easy way.

How do i prepare for a move?

“Begin with the end in mind” - Steven Covey

The day of the move we expect anything small enough to fit in a box, in a box. Drawers emptied, surfaces bare, and walkways open. Pets, children and in-laws are all properly corralled. A plan, even if its just mental has been made for the placement of furniture in the new place. Boxes are filled completely (Don’t pack Air!) to the edges of the container, taped fully top and bottom, and labeled with their destination. Small boxes mean large density conversely large boxes mean small density.

See our packing tips and feel free to email with any questions.

What are expectations for the day of my move?

On the day of a full service move, you can expect us to get in contact with you in the morning to give you a better ETA. The crew will get parked, and we will do a walk through to get on the same page. Then sit back and relax and let the guys do what they do best. The best way to help during loading is to be prepared to leave the moment the guys are wrapped up, and around in case the crew has questions or concerns.

whats included in hourly rate?

We tailor the size of the crew and truck to your needs. The price includes labor, tools, protective supplies, dollies and insurance. We also can provide packing supplies if negotiated ahead of time (quantity, size of move, specialty items)